LARMES is Swiss brand ; our design director Robert Harvey is a young designer. He designed the official slogan of LARMES is “You Only Live Once”.


Robert said: ‘Life is short, unexpected and full of surprises.’ No one is able to know what will happen tomorrow and it’s all about making every second count for the moment. Blending these popular lifestyle memes together with colorful fun sparks, Mr. Robert, Harvey, the design director of LARMES is taking the watch designs to the next level for the millennial; those are born in a totally different era of time.


LARMES’s products emphasize design and quality, together with our Swiss designers, a bolder and stronger character is expressed out using the durable high-quality colorful polymers materials that forms the core DNA of every LARMES, whether it is for present or future.


Owned by the Alvia Group, LARMES adopts a proactive dimension towards cracking the futuristic time keeping code.

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